Videogame Story Collab PILOT

GMS here.

Some time ago, I had some inspiration, and I came up with a story.  This story would span multiple gaming universes, like the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it would be much more epic and intimate at the same time.  I had an ending already planned out, and a beginning too.  This inspiration came when I beat the first two Mother games, so I decided I would begin with the Mother universe.

The story is about a boy who is bullied by others for having PSI powers (he is, in fact, the first person to ever have these powers), and unintentionally creates the alien universe that Giygas is a part of.  He effectively becomes Giygas, and takes part in the events of Mother 1.  He becomes corrupted, and uses his power to instigate all of the tragedies and problems in the other videogame universes.  Bowser?  Yep, that’s the boy, corrupting the mind of the dragon-turtle creature.  Ganon/Ganondorf?  Created by the boy to terrorize Hyrule.  Zeromus?  Jenova?  Kefka?  Lavos?  All this kid’s fault.  All hje ever wanted was to be loved, but the world would not give him that love, so he decided to forsake all universes and wreak havoc within them, simply for his own enjoyment.

This post will be of the first chapter I have written for this story.  K-Dog and I will be collaborating on it together, especially for the middle portion.  Think of this post as the “pilot”, if you will.  I want to know what you think of this first chapter, your feedback.  For all those who follow TwoAverageGuys, what do you think of this idea?  Should we follow through on it?  Would you like to see more?  You decide.

Ch. 1: Mother

            The summer of 1909 was quite hot—so hot, that the streets of the suburb of Mother’s Day were completely empty, save for a lone boy of twelve.  He wandered the streets aimlessly, looking up at the sky.  This boy had no name: his parents ceased calling him by a name when they heard about the first incident.  A group of children in his middle school were hitting him, and, without warning, they all burst into flames and perished.  The boy had no explanation to give the police, as he himself did not know what happened.  He was sent home, and his parents locked him up in his room, and barred all his windows and locked his door.  He was alone.  It was there, in his room, that he discovered his true potential.

Yes, this boy was special, but not special as in mentally ill.  This boy had inside him the power of PSI—the ability to control elements and objects with one’s own mind.  Over the course of six months, he developed his powers, and, in the June of 1909, used his PSI to escape his prison.  He then began wandering the streets lazily, looking for something to do, some fun to have.  He liked games.  He was always fascinated with them.  He decided to create a game of his own, for his own amusement.  The idea of the extraterrestrial was quite popular at his school, so he decided to create his own race of aliens.  For a while, he imagined them in their mothership, hovering over Earth and abducting the innocent.

Suddenly, the once hot summer air turned cold, and a fierce wind blew around him.  He looked up in the sky, and he saw a large spacecraft hovering over his neighbor’s house.  The ship was almost close enough to touch, and the boy attempted to, when he saw a beam of light fall upon the house.  Two people were being carried by the light upwards, and they were carried into the spaceship.  Then, as quick as it appeared, the craft flew swiftly into the sky, and the normal summer heat replaced the temporary cold once more.  The boy could not believe what he saw, and dismissed it as only an illusion, and continued to walk slowly down the street, wondering about what he had just seen.

That night, as he slept in the street, the boy felt strange.  At first, it was pitch black, then, as he regained his vision, he made out the face of a beautiful woman.  He was in her arms, and she was singing to him, softly and sweetly.  He fell asleep once more in her arms, comforted by the sweet music she made.

The next night, he awoke in his dreams inside a spherical pod filled with fluid, and tubes attached to his limbs.  He realized that he was in fact an alien, and not himself, with a white body and an oddly shaped face.  He looked up, and saw a man of about forty looking at him through the pod, who stroked his chin, and wrote down something that the boy could not see.  Then he said to the boy, “Giygas, you are truly a beautiful specimen.  I can learn so much about the powers of PSI from you!”  The boy didn’t understand what was going on.  Who was this man and why did he call him Giygas?  And who was that woman who sang him that lullaby?  Suddenly, he felt a pain sear through his body, and he awoke on the street, with a human’s body, but with questions unanswered.

The following night, he awoke in the strange body again, this time outside the pod and holding an apple.  He felt a wave flow through his body, and a vision came to him.  In the vision, he saw four children about his age before him.  One was a boy with black hair, a blue and yellow striped shirt, and a red baseball cap with a blue brim.  Another was a boy with blonde hair, glassed, a green suit, and what appeared to be a small bottlerocket.  Next to him was a girl, with blonde hair, a pink dress, and a red bow in her hair.  The last child was a boy with one strand of black hair atop his otherwise bald head, wearing a white outfit, and wielding a gilded sword.  The boys had all fallen to their knees in pain, and the girl held her hands together earnestly, as if in prayer.  Then, he felt a pain go through him, and the vision went black.  Somehow, it was clear to him what this meant.  These Earthlings were going to defeat him when he attacked Earth, so he must attack before these children are ever born.  He commanded his men to plot a course for Earth, though he didn’t know why he was saying the words.  The thoughts and words all just came to him naturally.  The world faded to black, and he awoke again, confused as ever.

The town the boy awoke to was a very different world than before.  Everywhere creatures ran amok, and the sky was dark.  Just then, three young children sped past him, and the boy could make out the red baseball cap the kid at the head of the group was wearing just before they passed him.  The boy looked in the distance, and saw that they were heading towards a large mountain, with smoke gathered at the top.  He wanted to meet them there and see what was going on.  Just then, there was a bright flash of light, and the boy was at the top of the mountain.

Instead of his own body, however, the boy inhabited the strange alien body once more.  Only smoke surrounded him, and his mothership was behind him.  Then out of the smoke came the three children he saw earlier, only now he could get a better look at them.  The boy he saw before him had a strange resemblance to the one he saw in the vision while holding the apple.  He was dressed similarly, with a red baseball cap and a blue and yellow striped shirt.  He had on a red bandanna tied around his neck, and in his hands he carried a baseball bat and a small, pink, flute-like instrument.  He was joined by a blonde-haired girl, with her hair done in pony-tails and wearing a pink hat and pink dress.  Following her was another young boy with white hair, a red shirt, and glasses.

The boy felt strange when he looked at the one heading their party.  He wanted to annihilate him completely, but at the same time wanted his friendship and companionship.  Before long, he found himself thrust into battle with them.  He wanted to destroy them all, and his mind responded to his feelings, unleashing a blast that the children couldn’t even comprehend.  They were hit head on, and fell to the ground in pain.  The boy felt satisfied with his work, even in this strange body.  He felt strong.  He felt like he could defeat anyone.  No one could stand in his way!  But, the boy with the red baseball cap stood up, and he began to sing.  His cohorts soon joined him, and the boy felt a wave of sorrow and love flow through him.  He knew this song!  It was the same song that beautiful woman sung to him as she held him in his arms.  Instantly, memories of her rushed into his mind.  She was holding him in her arms, singing the lullaby he now heard.  Then, he saw another vision.  It was the woman, and she was lying down on a strangely shaped bed.  They were inside his mothership, and he was at her side, pleading for her not to leave him.  She smiled, and began to close her eyes.  As she began to slowly fade away, he could make out the words, “I love you” coming from her lips.

As he returned to reality, the boy, shaking with sorrow in this strange body, could only utter one word.

“Mother…..” he said quietly, as a lone tear ran down his cheek.

Then he screamed in agony.  It was the most ear-piercing scream that had ever come out of a living creature.  The boy grasped his head with his hands, trying to ease the pain.  He flew back into his pod on the mothership, and gave the command to take off and plot a course for their home planet.  He vowed to one day return and to extinguish every last Earthling from the face of this planet.  As his ship glided towards the heavens, and the image of the mountaintop and the three children became fainter every second, he could only think of the woman he loved so much, the woman he called mother.

The boy awoke in a park, with the summer heat of his hometown making him sweat.  He finally understood what he had done.  The PSI powers that had awakened in him not only endowed him with the ability to control elements and objects with his mind, but were powerful enough to allow him to create whole universes and races.  He could control them at his will, which explains the strange events that had occurred.  In a daydream, he had created an entire alien race, and in his boredom called his new creations to Earth.  They took his neighbors, George and Maria, into their mothership and left the planet.  The boy had the ability to assume the identity of his creations, which explained why he inhabited the body of the alien known as Giygas, the leader of the entire race of aliens he had created.  This Giygas was raised by Maria, and used as a guinea pig by George in his attempts to discover the properties of PSI.  He then took his studies away with him and returned to Earth, leaving Maria alone to die with Giygas and the others.

            The boy still had much to learn, though.  As Giygas the alien, he had waited seventy one years to attack Earth and exact revenge on George.  Due to the ominous vision that the Apple of Enlightenment revealed, he set a course for Earth twenty years before his predicted defeat was to occur.  He met with opposition instead in the form of three children: one of which was Ninten, the great grandson of George and Maria.  Though he failed to defeat him and destroy Earth, the boy instead set in motion a chain of events that would span multiple dimensions and threaten the existence of life itself.