Game Culture Series Retospective in the Works


(K Dog)

Over the last few months, a lot has happened to me… mentally. Being in college, learning and not writing something for this blog in a long time, had me a chance to be introspective. I have been thinking a lot. Through this period of thinking I realized that things and my mindset has changed. I have changed and developed and my feelings on art and entertainment has changed, specifically Game culture. Game culture is something I always wanted to discuss on this blog because game culture and video games are special to me personally and made me into the person I am today. Let’s face it, I love to play, people love to play, and I think history has had all evidence that people love the idea to play whether it be escapism, game play competitiveness   or playing a video game story that is imaginative and thought provoking but fun. Really, Video Games are a big part of our culture because it appeals to our instincts of our playful instincts of exploring game worlds as well as our introspective instincts of interpreting and getting something out of an an artist’s or artists’ story by their game. Video games are complex and say a lot about culture and people in the world and there is always the question on what video games exactly are, going beyond what I said. I want to find out how are they important in our life and what makes them similar and different to other forms of entertainment and art like films , paintings and TV. Video Games are evolving just like film was in the early 1900’s and paintings and literature to who knows when. I have never stopped to wonder what my opinions are in games and how it relates of what society thinks of games and what my opinions say of who I am as well as how my opinions differ from others. I am here to start a retrospective, a series if you will of me looking back at game culture figuring out what makes game culture the way it is. This is going to be an objective as well as a subjective series as my goal for this series is to show what other people in society think of Game culture and what my response to these things are. I want to let other people know what I think of Game culture, games and what other people are thinking. This series is going to cover many things and is something I am going to enjoy doing.  Note that I am actually experienced and am eager to challenge myself through this retrospective and I am actually hoping to challenge who ever is reading this retrospective and things that are yet to come. I am taking Game culture class in College right and it is opening my eyes on the different ways video games are made, interpreted and looked at societally as well as subjectively by individuals. This series is a learning experience for me as a writer, an artist, and as a person and I am here to write down what professionals and philosophers say about game culture and give you my own take on the whole thing. I really hope that people reading this will like to join me for my exploration of Game Culture in the history and my own personal opinions about it. I hope you will read my posts. I will appreciate it as well as give me feedback.

Things you will expect in this Game Retrospective. ( These are things that are on my mind and they might not be exactly what I will write down in the future.

Different ways of interpreting the idea of playing and Games and the philosophers and scholars that came up with these ideas:

What is Game, What is Play: Game has rules, play has more freedom

Competitive Play, Learning Experience in play, emotional development in play and examples of these different Games

Game as way to look at societal values

Game as commercial and consuming and profitable parts of our culture or as artistic expressions by authors and the relationship between the two and the similarities to other forms of entertainment

Semiotic Domain in Games

Interaction and relationship between player and world in a video game

Immersion and Meta fiction in a video game and how both work to create a good game.

How life is similar to a video game in many ways according to different philosophers.

Video Game Single player and multi player and how each is different but fulfilling.

Controversy in Video Games

Feminism and sexism In Video Games and how all of people are portrayed

Is video games a double edge sword with no way out of controversy?

Artistic expression verses fulfilling what consumers want in a game.

Post Modern video games and how this is good and bad.

Are video games bad for you or they good for you and arguements for each side  (How this is similar to other forms of entertainment)

Video Games that are filled with violence and require people to do bad stuff in video games. Controversial.

People discussed in this retrospective.

Emcee Prophet ( Youtube Video Game Analyzer)

Ego Raptor (Youtube Video Game Analyzer)

Gee ( Philosopher)

Erving Goffman (Figure in Game Philosophy)

Hideo Kojima (Game Designer)

Shigeru Miyamoto (Game Designer)

Anita Sarceesian ( Feminist Frequency)

David Cage (Game Designer)

Katsura Hashino (Game Designer)

Sigmund Freud ( Psychologist)

Carl Jung (Psychologist)

Roger Ebert (Critic)

Video Games Famous as well as Games I like and don’t like but important to Game Culture that I want to Analyze:

The Last of Us

Mass Effect Series




Persona Series

Shin Megami Tensei Series

Knights of the Old Republic


Final Fantasy

Metal Gear Solid

Shadow of the Colossus

Grand Theft Auto Video Game Controversial

Paper Mario Series

There is probably going to be way more, but these are just ideas I am thinking about right now and there is going to citations and proof that there are other peoples’ opinions in this retrospective. Video games are subjective and are similar to movies and books and TV but so different. Video Games give us glimpse of our instincts to play but also say something about our identity and how we relate to others as well as we are very different from all types of different individual people. This is me giving a new light to this kind of artistic and entertainment culture known as Game Culture. This is K Dog signing off but will be back shortly.


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